A naturally occurring ferro-alumino silicate which offers benefits in terms of abrasive consumption and dust generation compared to conventional expendable abrasives.

Technical data


Safety data

The Mohs hardness is greater than 8.

Demonstrates relatively high resistance to shatter, promoting high energy transfer to surface and low dust generation.

The high specific gravity (4.0-4.1) ensures that the particles impacting on the surface have a high energy to facilitate dirt and scale removal.

Suitable for use on stainless steel and non-ferrous metals.

Free silica content is less than 0.5%.

Garnet is an inert and non-toxic naturally occurring mineral. Abrasive consumption is lower than conventional expendable abrasives and coarser grades are suitable for reuse thereby reducing consumption further. Durability of garnet reduces dust generation.

Standard Grades

Grade                                               Application
0.6 – 1.70mm (10/25#) Removal of heavy coatings.  Blasting of mild steel to provide a coarse profile.
0.60- 1.40mm (12/24#) Removal of heavy coatings. Blasting of mild steel to provide coarse profile. Preparation of stainless steel prior to coating application. Suitable for reuse.
0.355 – 0.850mm (20/40#) Blasting of tanks, ships and steel fabrications, where a medium profile is required. Cleaning stainless steel and special alloys.
0.200 – 0.600mm (30/60#) Economical blast cleaning of steel where profiles of up to 65 microns are required.
0.180 – 0.355mm (80#) Rapid cleaning of steel substrates where a low profile is required. Water-jet cutting.