A naturally occurring magnesium-iron silicate which is a safe alternative to silica sand as an abrasive for cleaning brick and stone.

Technical data


Safety data

The Mohs hardness is greater than 7, Olivine is thus capable of producing an Sa3 finish on steelwork.

The high specific gravity (3.3) ensures that the particles impacting on the surface have a high energy to facilitate dirt and scale removal.

Angular particle shape provides a rapid cleaning action on all types of substrate.

Finer grades suitable for use on stainless steel and non-ferrous metals.

All the silica is present in a combined form and therefore Olivine does not present a silicosis hazard unlike the traditional blasting abrasives produced from silica sand and flint.

Olivine is an inert and non-toxic naturally occurring mineral abrasive which has been approved in many areas as suitable for use over rivers and watercourses. In use, it breaks down to a white or very pale green dust which is found to be less objectionable than mineral slag abrasives which, although harmless, tend to be black in colour.

Standard Grades

Grade Size Range Application
Medium 0.2 – 1.0mm Cleaning stone and brickwork, removing laitance from concrete. Cleaning stainless steel and special alloys to provide a fine profile prior to coating application or a decorative satin finish.
Fine 0.125 – 0.5mm Cleaning of very fine or intricate stonework, graffiti removal, removal of weld stain from stainless steel food and brewery vessels. 
Extra Fine 0.09 – 0.25mm Restoration of the finest stonework and sculptures in both stone and metal.