Manufactured from 100% recycled container glass, which is a safe alternative to silica sand as an abrasive for cleaning brick, stone, concrete, wood, stainless steel and soft alloys.  May contain trace surface contaminants.  Not recommended for use on steel prior to the application of industrial protective or marine coatings.


With a Mohs hardness between 5 and 6.

The specific gravity of (2.6) provides high energy particle impact. However the density of Glassia is less than that of both Iron Silicate and Calcium Silicate.

Angular particle shape provides a rapid cleaning action on most types of substrate.

Suitable for use on stainless steel and non-ferrous metals.

No free silica, all components are amorphous/non-crystalline and therefore do not present a silicosis hazard unlike the traditional blasting abrasives produced from silica and and flint.

Glassia is an inert medium manufactured from 100% recycled glass which contains no free silica, heavy metals or other toxic materials.  Manufactured from recycled container glass.

Standard Grades

Grade Size Range Application
Coarse 1.0-2.50mm General purpose heavy duty applications.
Medium 0.50-1.25mm Cleaning brickwork and stone, removing laitance from concrete
Fine 0.2 – 0.60mm Cleaning of very fine or intricate stonework, graffiti removal, removal of weld stain from stainless steel.

 This product range is excluded from our quality management system.