A competitively priced multi-purpose synthetic mineral blasting abrasive, which is suitable for blast cleaning brick, stone, concrete, wood, steelwork, stainless steel and soft alloys.

With a Mohs hardness between 6 and 7 Abrafast is capable of producing an Sa3 finish on steelwork.

The relatively high specific gravity (3.1) provides high energy particle impact. However the density of Abrafast is less than that of both Iron Silicate and Olivine abrasive.

Angular particle shape provides a rapid cleaning action on all types of substrate.

Suitable for use on stainless steel and non-ferrous metals.

No free silica, all components are amorphous/non-crystalline and therefore do not present a silicosis hazard unlike the traditional blasting abrasives produced from silica sand and Flint.

The sand-coloured, stone-like particles break down in use to produce an off-white dust, which is found to be less objectionable than iron silicate abrasives.

Standard Grades

Grade Size Range Application
Medium 0.20-1.4mm Cleaning stone and brickwork, removing laitance from concrete. Cleaning trailer chassis, stainless steel and special alloys to provide a fine profile prior to coating application or a decorative satin finish.
Fine 0.20-0.50mm Cleaning of fine stonework, graffiti removal. Cleaning of stainless steel, aluminium and special alloys.